Experience Next-Level Customization with Our Premium Low-Code Development Platform

Discover the perfect blend of WYSIWYG no-code ease and low-code customization.
Our platform is engineered to tackle the most complex corporate challenges, delivering tailor-made business solutions with simplicity and precision.

The Essential Low-Code Development Platform for Industry Leaders and Innovators

Embark on a journey towards unparalleled efficiency and innovation tailored just for you.

Business Owners

Our system offers scalability and customizability at an affordable cost, empowering you to enhance operations and stay competitive. Simplify your management processes and innovate with confidence.

Large Enterprise IT Managers

Tailored for large enterprises, our platform provides customized and secure management solutions that simplify complex IT tasks. Benefit from cost-effective deployments that support your growth.

Consultants / Freelancers

Deliver fast, high-quality information management solutions to your clients with our agile platform. Our system accelerates development, helping you meet client demands efficiently.

Product Managers

Develop consumer-focused applications quickly with our integrated platform. Our system provides seamless back-end management and FAAS capabilities, enabling you to launch innovative products effortlessly.

Scalable Low-Code Development Platform: Ideal for Enterprises & Entrepreneurs

Forge ahead with solutions that transform enterprise and entrepreneurial landscapes.

Enterprise Management Solutions

particularly adaptable for businesses of all sizes, offering highly customizable and cost-efficient private deployment that caters to the complex needs of large corporations.

Industry-Specific Platform Solutions

Equipped with diverse business resources, our platform serves as an excellent foundation for teams to create vertical industry solutions, from beauty salon ERP and Web3 privacy platforms to production line MES systems, showcasing our versatility in various sectors.

Rapid Development for Small Teams and Freelancers

Ideal for individuals and small groups, the platform enables quick and effective development opportunities in corporate information management applications, facilitating agile and interactive project completion.

Consumer-Focused Data Management System

Perfect for to-consumer (B2C) applications, our platform allows swift development of backend systems that easily connect with consumer apps, or it can be utilized as a Function as a Service (FAAS), broadening business capabilities with multiple front-end application interfaces.

Breaking Barriers: MUYAN AI+ Low-Code, No-Code, and Traditional Dev Compared

Navigate the future of development with a platform that surpasses no-code limits and transcends traditional boundaries.

FeaturesMUYAN AI+ Low-Code Dev PlatformNo-Code PlatformTraditional Dev
Complex Customization LogicHighly CustomizableLimitedHighly Flexible
AI Native Customization LogicBuilt inVendor-specific, mostly not supportManual Integration
Data Migration & ManagementStreamlinedLimitedManual
Business Logic AbstractionHigh-levelBasicLow-level
Built-in ComponentsRichVendor-specificLibrary-based
AI-Based Developer Copilot & AssistantBuilt inVendor-specificManual Integration
Generative AI AssistantBuilt inNot SupportedManual Integration
Object Lifecycle ManagementFull ControlPartial ControlManual
Form Field ControlAdvancedBasicManual
DnD creation of formsData drivenSupportManual
On the fly domain creationin Beta TestingNormally SupportNot support