Low Code Development Platform Features

Highly Customizable, Secure and AI-Enhanced

Cost-Efficient Security

Cost-effective private deployment options ensure the security and compliance of sensitive data.

Advanced Customization

Advanced customization capabilities with extensive system hooks for implementing bespoke business processes.

Data-Centric Abstraction

A self-sustaining platform based on a high level of abstraction, making all elements, from logic to metadata, data-centric.

AI Model Integration

Built-in large AI model integration that acts as a powerful engine for developing system logic.

Fully Customizable: Unleash the Power of Tailored Solutions

  • Custom Logic Engine
  • Flexible Dynamic Action
  • Object Lifecycle Hooks
  • Field-Level Hooks
  • Dynamic Plugin Support
  • Dynamic Domain Support
  • Schedule Task Module
  • Dynamic Reporting Module

Custom Logic Engine

Enhance automation with a versatile logic engine supporting AI, Groovy scripting, and system commands.

  • LLM AI-Powered Logic Engine
  • Groovy Scripting Logic Engine
  • OS Command Logic Engine

Native LLM AI Support

  • LLM Logic Engine
  • GPT-4 Enhanced AI Assistant

Powerful AI-powered logic engine that can be used on customisation

  • LLM AI-Powered Logic Engine
  • Dynamic Template System for Prompt Rendering
  • Define Post Logic for LLM Response Processing

Fully Configurable & Globalization

  • Multilingual Interface Support
  • Dynamic Configuration

Multilingual Interface Support

Offers a globally accessible interface with support for multiple languages.

  • Multiple Languages

Meta Data Driven Form System

  • Dynamic Forms
  • Multiple Step Wizard
  • Dashboard and Widget
  • Advanced Forms
  • Advanced Fields

Dynamic Forms

Streamlines data handling with interactive forms supporting CRUD operations and wizard interfaces.

  • CRUD Operations
  • Dashboards
  • Multiple Step Wizards

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Productivity

  • Dynamic System Integration

Seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, allowing for both incoming and outgoing data interactions.

  • Integration enable logic
  • Incoming Integration for POST/GET Requests
  • Outgoing Integration on Object Lifecycle Events
  • Customizable Logic for Data Handling

Extensible Object Plugins

  • Object Trash
  • Object Commenting
  • Field Revision

Object Trash

Implements a robust trash and revert system to manage and recover deleted objects efficiently.

  • Efficient Recovery
  • Safe Deletion
  • Restore Mechanism